Ibn Tufail

Became famous for his philosophical novel Hayy Ibn Yaqzan (Alive, Son of the Vigilant), in which he asks whether a human being born on an island and having nothing (and nobody) but his mind and nature around him can deduce truths about his existence and about God; Ibn Tufails’s answer was a resounding yes.

Ibn Rushd

On the question of the eternity of the world, Ibn Rushd simply stated that although Revelation very clearly declares that God created the world, it does not say how or when, and so it is by philosophy (only) that one can explain whether the universe was created finite or infinite time ago; then true to Aristotle, Averrous argued for the eternity of the world.

(Islam’s Quantum Question: Nidhal Guessoum)


I know this is a place in Southern Philippines where most of Philippines Muslims settle. The Marawi derived from Moro or Moor, the same word labelled for Muslim from Spain, North Africa, Maghribi (Morocco). Moor could be same meaning as Arabs, or Muslims.

PDF your photo in iPhone

This is really helpful tips, as nowadays are Home Base Learning (HBL) for my kids, where I teachers asked to send some assignments in pdf format. I used to copy the picture to MS Word, and saved it as pdf format. A bit tedious. Now, after seeing a tips that iPhone can do this without 3rd-party app, I am really saved!

Handoff in IOS (iPhone and iPad)

This feature is really handy as this really helps you switching from iPhone to iPad, for example when you want to browse in bigger screen. So far, I only see email and Chrome worked out. I didn’t know why Safari doesn’t work.

Witch Hunt

There is still legal law about witch hunt in Saudi Arabia and Cameroon these days.

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