Follow this link:

Updated Git for awx-operator:

kubectl apply -f

Above installation not working for me. I tried new one below


1. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y
2. sudo apt-get install
3. sudo systemctl status docker
sudo systemctl enable docker…
  • check python version
    python --ver or python3 --ver
  • to enter python
    python or python3 or python3.<version> or python2.<version>
  • after enter to python, type help() to get help
    >>>help() or help('modules') or help('<modules_name>') e.g. help('paramiko') or help('<modules_name>.<class_name>') e.g. help('getpass.getpass')
    also without entering python, can use:
    pydoc <moudule> or pydoc <module>.<class>
  • to…

Some commands I commonly use

  1. Find out available space:
    df -h --total
    System monitor > Filesystems tab
  2. Directory or space with their usage:
    du -a -d 1 /home/ | sort -n -r | head -n 5
  3. Find folder with specific name
    find /path/to/look/up -type d -name "folder name"
  4. Linux…

Say you are a fine Network Engineer, in a situation where you were asked work together with Server team to change the IP address of particular servers. During assessment, you found where the IP connected to which switchport by ARP and MAC address checking.

During execution (which already gone through…

What for: use this command in the interface configuration to prohibit broadcast packet forwarded to network subnet which is different from source packet.

- Source:
- Destination: → broadcast address



R1(config)#interface fa0/1
R1(config-if)#ip directed-broadcast

default: no ip directed-broadcast


R2 is doing ping to

It always, always happens to me everytime I read either books or articles. Jump from one thing to another, just because I don’t understand about something, or maybe have been red about it and forgot again. Just now is the example. I started to read book of Nidhal Guessoum, where…

Ibn Tufail

Became famous for his philosophical novel Hayy Ibn Yaqzan (Alive, Son of the Vigilant), in which he asks whether a human being born on an island and having nothing (and nobody) but his mind and nature around him can deduce truths about his existence and about God; Ibn Tufails’s answer…

It feels good to share stories with your old friend. About families, works, hobbies, small talks, etc.

You know you’re not alone in this world with your problem. We have similar problem, and by sharing those, it felt better to deal with.

I stared at cloud which moving slowly in the blue skies. I couldn’t help myself to sometimes felt asleep for minute or two. When awaked, I saw the cloud already change to blackish cloud, gloomy one. Stared again, and felt asleep again, woked up again, and change again to clearer…

Ohd Damh

I don’t know how to share my minds

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